We’re often asked about Ohio renters insurance. Too often, it’s after someone has already experienced a loss.

In fact, a renter just called to discuss her auto insurance and had no idea her landlord did not provide insurance for her personal property such as her clothes, big screen T.V. and her iPod… it’s a common mistake many renters make. Let’s face it, most landlords don’t spend time discussing the topic of insurance with their tenants. Unfortunately, this leaves renters on the hook in the event of a fire or theft, as well as many other events that could damage or destroy their property.

Not to worry, the process of obtaining renters insurance is easy! For the protection provided, renters policies are very inexpensive and can start at less than $12 per month for $25,000 of coverage. In addition, this $12 a month will get you liability protection in case someone is injured on your property.

We’re always interested to hear about specific instances of when someone realized they needed renters insurance and didn’t have it, or were thankful they did. If you have an example, we’d love to hear about it!

Worried about your protection?

The licensed advisors at CoverLink can help you navigate the renters insurance market, determine what type of coverage best meets your needs while always keeping your financial goals in mind.