Malpractice Insurance

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How Malpractice Insurance Protects Healthcare Professionals

Malpractice Insurances is a highly specialized policy, primarily used to protect medical professionals for the advice and care they provide to their patients. This policy differs from that needed by a CPA, attorney or consultant – which is commonly referred to as a Professional Liability or Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance policy.

Hospital Malpractice Insurance

As Ohio hospitals are increasingly pressured to do more with less, malpractice insurances is often viewed as an expense instead of a resource.

Nurses/Healthcare Providers

Nurses and Allied Healthcare providers are proud of the quality care they deliver to their patients, but in a world where frivolous lawsuits are on the rise.

Physicians Malpractice Insurance

Historically, the malpractice insurance market in Ohio has been somewhat volatile. And with average indemnity payments on the rise.