Business Insurance

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Cover Your Risks With Business Insurance

As a business owner, you may find yourself asking the question “how much coverage is enough in today’s highly litigious society?” As our world becomes increasingly complex, the risks your business faces on a daily basis are changing as well. Shouldn’t your insurance keep pace with these changes so you can focus on what you do best?

Builders Risk Insurance

In Ohio, Builder’s Risk Insurance is designed to protect buildings while they’re under construction. Once a building is complete, it’s normal for the owner of that structure to insure it against losses such as fire.

Business Income Insurance

What Ohio business owners need to know: Business Income Insurance, also referred to as Business Interruption Insurance, is designed to cover the loss of income a business suffers after a disaster.

Business Liability Insurance

In Ohio, Business Liability Insurance forms the foundation of protection for most businesses and their insurance portfolio. This policy, often referred to as Commercial General Liability Insurance.

Business Owners Insurance

Business Owners Insurance, or BOP (short for Business Owners Policy), is specially designed for small to medium-sized businesses in Ohio.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance can be used to insure vehicles for liability to protect the business owner in the event of an at-fault accident, physical damage to the vehicles owned by the business, or both.

Commercial Package Policy

One size does not fit all, and this couldn’t be truer in the Ohio insurance market. Since each business is unique and has individual needs and desires regarding their insurance protection, the Commercial Package Policy is available.

Commercial Property Insurance

Weather is hugely unpredictable in Ohio; we’ve had our share of catastrophes from hail events to the aftermath of hurricanes that made their way through The Buckeye State leaving a path of wreckage.

Commercial Surety Bond

Bonding needs in Ohio typically fall into several categories. Surety bonds needed by contractors in order to successfully win the desired project; commercial bonds that protect consumers from financial harm.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

As an Ohio business owner, if protecting your organization from a potentially ruinous claim or lawsuit is one of your top priorities, you need to understand how an Umbrella Policy works. Most commonly.

Crime Insurance

As most Ohio business owners know, the risks facing your business seem to be increasing… almost on a daily basis. If crime exposures aren’t on your mind, here’s why they should be.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Do you know the most popular password on the internet? Would you believe it’s Password123? Just the thought of a breach of the personal information stored for clients or employees is so overwhelming.

Employers Liability Insurance

In most states, Employer’s Liability Insurance and Workers’ Compensation Insurance work hand-in-hand. However, in Ohio, business owners that have any employees are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

Directors and Officers Insurance

In Ohio, Directors & Officers Liability Insurance (sometimes referred to as D&O Insurance) is designed to protect the directors and officers of an organization.

Employee Benefits Liability Insurance

Ohio business owners can be liable to their employees for errors or omissions in the administration of their employee benefits program.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Ohio businesses are increasingly dependent on functioning equipment to operate and maintain revenue, and a breakdown could be devastating.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

In Ohio, employees have certain legal rights while working for their employer and sometimes, an employee feels these rights have been violated.

Environmental & Pollution Insurance

Businesses face new and historical environmental pollution exposures that can damage property and company reputations.

Event Insurance

Let’s face it, we live in an unpredictable world. Things happen, and when they do, our plans can change.

Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance in Ohio can provide you with protection for your personal and business needs. A farm is often more than just a place of operation.

Flood Insurance for Businesses

If your business is on the Ohio River, or near any body of water for that matter, chances are you’ve researched flood insurance.

Garagekeepers Liability Insurance

When you drop off your car at an auto repair garage, you not only expect it to be fixed, but you expect it to remain safe while in the custody of the business.

Inland Marine Insurance

You wouldn’t think of Marine Insurance being very valuable in landlocked Ohio, but the term has been used for years to describe certain types of property that are moveable.

Landscape Insurance

Ohio landscape insurance is necessary for businesses for protection against risks in the event of property damage, accidents, and more.

Professional Liability Insurance

In Ohio, Professional Liability Insurance, also known as Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance, is liability insurance designed to protect those individuals and businesses providing professional advice.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In Ohio, Workers’ Compensation Insurance must be obtained from the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation instead of from the insurance company where you purchase your Business Liability.