Nobody lives forever. This is one of the hard and fast truths in life. If you have others who depend on you for support, this issue becomes especially important.

Have you considered talking with your insurance advisor about looking into the various options for the best coverage and premiums available to protect those that depend on you?

Taking the time now to plan for the future will help ensure your dependents have the necessary funds, even if you can no longer be there to provide for them. It can also mean that your children will not have to forgo plans such as college, just because you are no longer there to provide.

Whether you are healthy or have health problems, prices among similar policies can vary greatly. Life insurance is a highly competitive business, and that’s a good thing for consumers. On the other hand, you could waste thousands of dollars over the course of a life insurance policy by not using an independent agent who represents many companies.  An independent agent can do the shopping for you and show you rates from many different companies.

Be an informed consumer, don’t wait until it’s too late to protect the ones you love.  We just published a new whitepaper titled How to Protect Yourself and Your Family: What Everyone Must Know About Life Insurance.  This report, an $87 value, is available to all clients of CoverLink at no cost.

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You really can’t afford to ignore the vital information in this report.