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Some people embody the ‘go-above-and-beyond’ gene.  Those people are always looking for ways to help others, build relationships, and do what’s best in every situation.

But sometimes, they just need a little help and the right tools to make it easier.  That’s where Bold Penguin, CoverLink Insurance and Larry Middaugh begin their story.

Larry spent over a decade in finance and after the market crashed, he knew it was time for a change.  He took a leap and joined the CoverLink Insurance team because the insurance industry still relies on the trusted advisor.

Fast forward to a hot summer day at a nonprofit in Ohio.  The director, we’ll call her Mrs. S., was lost on where to begin her insurance journey.  Bold Penguin, an agent ranking tool utilizing algorithms to connect the best agent with each client, connected Mrs. S. with a trusted advisor – Larry.

What the business operated by Mrs. S. does is powerful.  They help women in need and Larry took notice.

He refused to treat them as another application or just a risk to evaluate, but instead, he took the time to understand their needs.  Larry has been using Bold Penguin’s suite of tools for more than six months so he was familiar with best practices within the portal which allowed him to focus on what he does best – helping his client.

Knowing that money was tight, Larry, with the support of Matt Simon of CoverLink Insurance , researched financing options to help the nonprofit afford this new policy.

Being the trusted advisor that he was, Larry offered the nonprofit seminars on maintaining healthy credit, opening a bank account, and balancing a checkbook.  And that ‘go-above-and-beyond’ factor didn’t stop there.

Larry went on to leverage the power of social media in an effort to raise awareness, ultimately generating enough money to help this nonprofit upgrade its essentials.

This is an industry that still relies on solid relationships and ensuring clients feel secure.  It’s about getting to know people and understanding their needs.  Larry and the CoverLink Insurance team are setting the bar high for an industry that thrives on personal relationships.  Bold Penguin is partnering with companies of this caliber to take out the guesswork and help focus on the human aspect.