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Often, we receive questions regarding in-home security so we wanted to share some of these helpful ideas with you. While the rate of home burglaries is around 9 -14% nationwide, only a small percentage of burglaries happen when someone is actually home. Whether you’re at home or not, you want to protect your home and your belongings against thieves. Here are the 7 ways to protect your household against a break in:

  1. Security Signage: Use and announce your in-home security system. The sign will deter thieves, especially those petty thieves looking for a quick entrance and exit. A thief will look for an easier mark if they see you have a security system. If you don’t have a security system, a security sign is better than nothing.
  2. Pets: Have pets that remain in doors at night and while you are gone. Although some thieves will consider dealing with pets, it is less likely that they will want to bother having to distract them. Your animals can also alert neighbors if you’re not at home or can warn you if thieves try to come into the house while you’re at home. This gives you time to act.
  3. Lock Your Windows and Doors: Keep all windows and doors locked… especially after dark. Take extra care with windows and doors on the first floor. Open windows make easy access for burglars.
  4. Multiple Locks: It is best to have more than one set of locks on all doors that lead outside. This will help make it more difficult for an intruder to simply break the lock.
  5. Landscaping: Reconsider your outdoor landscape. If your landscape is filled with bushes, trees or shadowy spots that would allow for great hiding places while burglars try to figure out how to get in and out of your house, you should do some trimming and cutting to make your home less vulnerable to thieves.
  6. Outdoor Lighting: Consider adding motion sensitive lights. This is especially important if you have shadowy spots in your yard that would be great hiding spots for a burglar. These lights are also meant to surprise the burglar and could easily scare them off.
  7. Join or Start Your Neighborhood Watch Program: Getting to know your neighbors and watching out for each other can be a big help.

Your home and your belongings are an important part of your life, so we want you to protect them. We hope you already have these strategies in place but if you don’t you should act now to help protect your home from thieves. If you don’t have a monitored security system and would like to take advantage of our homeowners insurance discount, we recommend you check around to see just how affordable a monitored burglar system can be.