These Columbus Suburbs Offer Great Communities for Families and Businesses to Grow and Thrive

Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding suburbs are great places for both families and businesses to put down roots. The city and nearby areas are growing, and it’s an exciting time to join the community. Whether you’re just starting out or relocating to a different neighborhood near Ohio’s capital, it’s important to be aware of where the safest places to live in Columbus, Ohio are located.

Whenever you move you check out the area, the schools, and the businesses. For families and small-business owners, it’s always reassuring to know they’ll be relocating to an area with good company. Knowing where to start looking is half the battle, but it can also make your search a little less painless.

Whether you want to move outside of the city or still be close to it without being directly downtown, the suburbs of Columbus have a lot to offer. With great schools, quiet environments, park systems, beautiful homes, and more, there’s a ton of opportunity to find your next home or storefront.

Find Your New Community in the Safest Places to Live in Columbus, Ohio

We’ve put together a list of our favorite safe places to live in Columbus, Ohio to help you with your search. Take a look to discover seven great towns and neighborhoods near the city that can be a great jumping off point for your search!

  1.  Powell – This city in Delaware County is a thriving area with several excellent school systems. Located just 20 minutes north of Columbus, this city is a great place for families and businesses to relocate to be a part of a strong community while still feeling connected to the city. As an affluent area with crime rates significantly below both Ohio’s and the nation’s average, we chose Powell as one of the safest places to live in Columbus, Ohio.
  2. Plain City – If you’re looking for a small-town feel, Plain City might be an area that’s more your speed. Just 30 minutes northwest of Columbus, this area has a population just under 5,000. Even with the capital just a short drive away, Plain City is still one of the safer areas in the Columbus region.
  3. New Albany – With a high median household income, New Albany, Ohio is a great place for families looking for a good area to move to. Life in the suburbs can be great for both people raising kids and businesses, and that’s what New Albany brings to the table. At just 20 minutes northeast of Columbus, this is a great area to step back from the city without completely leaving it behind.
  4. Dublin – Dublin, Ohio offers a little bit of everything from nightlife to great schools and is only 20 minutes northwest of Columbus. The population is just under 50,000, and with great safety scores, it’s still a solid choice to find your beginning.
  5. Upper Arlington – Less than 15 minutes from downtown Columbus, Upper Arlington is a suburb that families and businesses seeking proximity to the city and Ohio State’s campus will love. With great homes and business districts, this area offers opportunity at every corner.
  6. Hilliard – Just 20 minutes northwest of Columbus, this growing suburb is a place where a lot of families and businesses are relocating. This community of 30,000 is perfect for those who want to escape the bustle of city life and step into a great suburb that still has ties to Columbus.
  7. Bexley – As one of the up and coming cities in the first-ring suburbs of Columbus, Bexley sits just nine minutes outside downtown. While the area is a little high in crime compared to the rest of our list, it makes up for it with great schools and excellent housing. New businesses coming to the area also make it a good opportunity for people looking for storefronts near the capital.

No matter where you decide to go, if you’re thinking about your safety, it’s important to make sure your important assets are protected. Whether it’s your home, your business, or even your car, it’s best not to leave anything to chance. Waiting until something goes wrong is never a good time to get a policy, and it can leave you paying hundreds more than you planned.

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