Are you ready for the Thanksgiving holiday? As preparations begin for this day of giving thanks, we wanted to provide a few safety tips you can use so that you and your loved ones remain safe during the festivities.

First, let’s talk about the fact that the Thanksgiving meal preparation is often a group project. This means that many people may be in the kitchen helping with the chores.

And where there’s a crowd and noisy chatter, there is a greater chance for an accident to occur.

With that in mind, we have pulled together some crucial safety tips to share with your family in hopes of a safe and happy holiday:

Make sure your cooking appliances are in good working order, and be sure to start your holiday cooking with a clean stove and oven. Old grease or food spills can flare up and start a fire.

Keep kitchen clutter and loose clothing away from stove burners. And turn pot handles in toward the rear of the stove, out of children’s reach. Adults will be safer, too, because they won’t catch a handle accidentally while rushing about.

NEVER leave cooking food unattended.

If the contents in a pot or pan catch fire, do not touch or try to move the pot or pan as you may spread the fire or burn yourself. Extinguish the flames with a metal lid, a larger pot or a wet towel. Never use water on a grease fire! Watch what can happen if you do…

If you are burned, do not use ice, butter or other substances on the burn. Ice can damage the skin, and butter or other substances can trap the heat in. Instead, let the burn cool off under a steady stream of cool tap water and seek medical assistance if necessary.

Keep holiday decorations away from heat sources such as stoves, candles or heaters.

Hopefully you will find these ideas informative and useful!

Also, during this time of giving thanks we would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank You!” to you for your business. We truly appreciate it!

All of us here at CoverLink wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!