The HR Department at your company is probably pretty efficient, but no matter how well-organized your Human Resources Department is, certain questions are always worth asking yourself at the beginning of the year…

For example, when was the last time your H.R. department took steps to reinforce your company policies?

Company policies are important enough that they are typically covered in detail during the hiring process. However, employees often forget or become lax with company policies over time. Here are a few ideas that will help you and your HR Department to reinforce those policies effectively with your staff:

  • Lead by example – If you are bending the rule of a 30-minute lunch break or using vulgar language with employees, it is likely that employees will not take company policies very seriously. Set a good example and follow the rules!
  • Use meetings as a reminder – You are likely to have most of your staff together for company meetings, or at least portions of the staff at different meetings, so use this time to reinforce policies that you see being abused or overlooked during the course of the work day.
  • Discuss before hiring – New employees should always be adequately informed of company policies and procedures upon hiring. Before ending your final interview, be sure to go over the most essential company policies, so a new employee knows before the first day of work. If you have a company handbook make sure that everyone has an updated and current edition.

Be sure you are consistent with how you handle each employee that does not follow the regulations of the company. This is essential to ensure that you do not experience any unnecessary backlash in regards to the policies.

All of us here at CoverLink wish you the best of success for the remainder of 2010!