Doxxing” is a type of cyberattack that results in the collection and exposure of sensitive information that could damage the credibility or reputation of a person or an organization. With doxxing, a cybercriminal’s goal is to breach, collect and expose documents, often abbreviated as “docs.” This is usually done with the purpose of either harassing, blackmailing or embarrassing the target. Sometimes, doxxing may even be part of the hacker trying to get revenge or incite physical harm. But we are here to help with some tips for protecting against doxxing.

In a doxxing attack, a cybercriminal may use any of a number of possible methods to gain access to sensitive records. These can vary greatly and include leveraging compromised IP addresses, breaching poorly protected Wi-Fi networks, stalking social media profiles or even using cellphone numbers to learn targets’ personal information.

To help prevent potential doxxing incidents, it’s crucial for businesses to implement and enforce the following cybersecurity practices:

  • Require employees to create strong passwords with a variety of letters, numbers and special characters. Have employees use different passwords across their work platforms and accounts.
  • Prohibit employees from connecting their devices to untrusted or unprotected Wi-Fi networks.
  • Keep software for workplace technology up to date, and avoid installing any unapproved software.
  • Implement virtual private networks when possible in order to conceal employees’ IP addresses.
  • Instruct employees to steer clear of suspicious websites, be wary of phishing emails, avoid using their work email for personal reasons and refrain from sharing private information on social media.

These policies should be followed by all employees, including leadership, whether they are working at the office, remotely, or with company technology or personal devices.

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