Cybersecurity has become all the more important as organizations expand their reliance on technology and other digital services. Even so, there are a variety of myths circulating regarding cybersecurity, many of which undermine the severity of possible threats and diminish the value of effective mitigation strategies. If organizations assume these myths to be true, they could leave themselves increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks and subsequent losses. Here are three common cybersecurity myths that have been debunked.

Myth #1: Cybersecurity measures are only necessary for large corporations.

Large organizations are definitely susceptible to cyberattacks, but this doesn’t mean small businesses are immune to such incidents. On the contrary, some cybercriminals consider small organizations more attractive targets than their larger counterparts because these businesses are more likely to have weaker cybersecurity measures, thus simplifying the overall attack process. With this in mind, it’s clear that cybersecurity measures are necessary for organizations of any size, but especially small businesses.

Myth #2: Basic cybersecurity procedures are enough to protect against possible threats.

For some organizations, cybersecurity consists of a few basic protocols, such as installing antivirus software and having employees create strong passwords. While these procedures are useful, adopting such a limited approach won’t be effective in minimizing every threat. By using a multilayered approach and leveraging a range of protective measures (e.g., endpoint detection and response solutions, multifactor authentication, email authentication technology, patch management plans and data backup systems), organizations can better defend against advancing cyber exposures.

Myth #3: Cybersecurity is the IT department’s job.

Although IT professionals definitely play a role in upholding adequate cybersecurity measures, they can’t act alone. The most effective cybersecurity models involve companywide participation, which requires support from corporate executives and routine training for all employees.

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