No one wants to buy insurance, and we get that. But, insurance is something that you really need to have because going without it results in massive risks that most people simply can’t afford. In today’s world, affordability is a huge box that people are looking to check when they’re searching for an insurance policy. Sometimes that even means people are willing to cut corners to save a few bucks. Multi-line Insurance can provide the discounts you’re looking for without sacrificing your coverage.

What is multi-line insurance? A “line” of insurance is the type or category that your coverage falls under. Lines are then broken into the specific types of coverage that you may have, like home and auto. In the state of Ohio, there are six major lines.

  • Property
  • Personal
  • Accident and health
  • Casualty
  • Life
  • Variable life and variable annuity

Multi-line insurance is when you bring together the different risks you have coverage for into one comprehensive policy. Personal lines policies is an example where you might have several types of coverage, like homeowners, flood, and car insurance. Instead of having three or more different insurance bills to pay, multi-line insurance allows you to receive one bill with a combined cost of all your policies.

What’s the benefit for you and your family? You save money! If you’re looking for an affordable option for insurance, this is one way you can cut down on the cost you pay to insure the things that matter most to you. Most insurance carriers will provide you with a discount for combining all of your policies because it’s easier for everyone, and it helps them gain more of your business. While the amount you save depends on the policies you combine, you’ll often find insurance companies will offer as much as a 20 percent discount… some offer even more.

Multi-line insurance can also help you in regards to managing your deductible. If you have home insurance and car insurance with two different insurance companies, you have two deductibles. This means that if you sustain damage to both at the same time, you’ll be forced to pay the deductible on both policies before you get help from either carrier. With multi-line insurance, however, you might only have one deductible for all your policies. So you’ll actually end up paying less because you’ll only have to pay one amount for your house and your car before you get financial help.

Saving money isn’t the only benefit you’ll receive from combining your policies, either. Having all your insurance needs under one roof only makes things easier for you and your family when it comes to understanding and getting the most out of your coverage.

Having Multiple Insurance Agencies is Counterproductive, Use Multi-Line Insurance to Cut Through Red Tape

Think about it this way — when have things ever been easier when they’re spread out in more than one place? Ever had to go to multiple grocery stores just to get what you need for the week? Chances are, this left you thinking to yourself how nice it would be if you could just get everything you need from the same store.

This goes for insurance too. If you have your car insurance from one agency, and your home insurance from another, not only are you receiving two bills, but you’re also receiving two entirely different policies. You also have two agents, and their knowledge of your risks and needs likely won’t match up with your reality. If you have an agent who knows you well, you’re going to get better coverage.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll receive cheaper coverage, (although that’s certainly not out of the question) but more in the sense that you’ll have all-encompassing coverage that won’t fall short when you need it most. Having one agent for all your policies means they’ll know all the risks you’re facing, and be able to double check that your coverage is going to protect your home when a tree falls through the window because you live in an area that deals with frequent high winds.

With multi-line insurance, you’re almost guaranteed better insurance because you’ll have one person who understands what you need inside and out. Plus, they’ll be able to help you find the best deal for your policies without having to worry about severe financial damage in the future. Working with an independent insurance agent doubles the benefits you receive because you’ll also be able to pick and choose the coverage that fits you best from more than one carrier. Rather than being locked into one option, an independent insurance agency can have numerous different insurance companies they work with so their clients can get the best coverage option for their specific needs, all within their budget.

If you’re thinking about multi-line insurance, there’s no better time than right now. Don’t wait until that tree falls through your window to rethink your insurance coverage! Affordable coverage doesn’t have to mean that you lose important protection either. With multi-line insurance, you can receive the right protection without sacrificing your savings.