A camera in your car is a perfect way to document an accident scene.

Although you already know what to do in the event of an accident, you might be interested in knowing how we try to assist our clients during their time of need. When it comes to an auto accident or an insurance claim, you want to make sure you get it documented correctly. You wouldn’t believe how many times a story changes from when an accident occurs until the other party talks to their parents, husband, wife, brother, sister, friend, you name it.

People seem apologetic and cooperative at an accident scene and then entirely change their story once they get home. It’s happened so often that we tend to expect it. Fact is; people just don’t want to admit they’re wrong.

To help assist in the documentation process, it can be to your benefit to place a camera in your glove compartment. Let’s both hope you never need it but we want you to be prepared if you do. Even if an accident is your fault, you still want pictures to document the severity of the damage. Some people see an opportunity to take advantage of an insurance claim and try to receive more than they’re entitled to because you’re paying. Here are a few other important tips when it comes to car accidents:

  • Call the police. The police will verify if drivers are uninjured, licensed and ask for insurance verification.
  • Clear your vehicle of traffic lanes when possible.
  • Take pictures with your camera. Ideally, the pictures would be taken before the vehicles are moved

Hopefully you never experience an auto accident, but if you do, it’s best that you’re prepared to reduce the chances of someone taking advantage of you. If you’re concerned about your business auto policy feel free to contact our licensed advisors. We’re here to help!