Ohio car insurance plan
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You’re looking for auto insurance in Ohio, whether it be for the first time or renewing.

You’ve heard ads on the radio, TV, and even social media that suggest that other insurance companies in Ohio may have cheaper insurance. Wasn’t there something about “15 minutes could save you 15% or more” or was it something about “switching and saving”? Either way, you decide it’s time to consider the cost of your insurance and look for something cheaper.

Cheap Ohio Car Insurance

Cheaper… the car insurance industry in Ohio and across the country has become increasingly commoditized. When searching for the best Ohio car insurance, it’s easy to get swept up in these discussions of cost. This is largely due to the fact that auto insurance companies have chosen to market themselves with the main focus being on cost and saving money. What you don’t hear that often is what you are covered for under the insurance policy being advertised.

What’s the difference between that policy on TV and the one you already have? How much coverage should you really have anyways? The cost of having the wrong coverage or not enough coverage could end up being a lot higher for you in the long run.

This is why it’s essential that you look at the details of the policy you have or the policy you are considering. There are thousands of different ways in which one policy could be different from another. How likely is it that you will get the right policy for your situation if the auto insurance companies are pushing certain policies on you with the emphasis being solely on price? Yes, we understand that affordability is important, but shouldn’t getting the coverage that’s right for you be at least equally important?

The following are the top three tips to help you find the right car insurance in Ohio for you. Consider these points and you will feel more reassured that the decisions you make are the right ones for your budget and your personal situation.

1. Know who is covered under your plan

This may sound like an obvious statement, but because of the wide range of wording in auto insurance policies, you may not realize right away who is covered by your policy when driving the car. The coverage is usually for the car, not specifically for the person driving it. However, that said, if someone is driving your car a lot, they should probably be named on your plan otherwise you may risk the insurance company canceling your policy if they find out someone with higher risk is driving – such as undisclosed teenagers.  Or worse, denying coverage for a claim because someone else, someone the insurance company didn’t know about, was driving your car.

For more on the topic read : Who is covered by my auto insurance policy?

2. Know what the common exclusions are

While you’re making sure the right people in your life are covered to drive your car, also know what will not be covered. Most standard auto insurance policies have what they call “exclusions” or things they will not cover. These include damage caused intentionally to the car to get insurance compensation, using the vehicle to transport other people for a fee (such as Uber, but not including carpooling where costs are shared), using the car for certain business activities (does not include taking a business trip or traveling to see a client), damage caused by normal wear and tear, or damage caused by radioactive contamination, intentional or accidental discharge of nuclear weapons, war, insurrection, rebellion or revolution.

3. Know the typical premiums in your area

The average cost of auto insurance in Ohio is $771 per year. This is very low; the only state in the nation with lower average rates is Maine. However, a number of factors are in play to change your specific premiums such as the frequency of claims in your area, your personal driving record, your personal credit history, and the type of car you drive. To find out the average rates in your area visit this informative website.

As long-time insurance educator John Eubank, CPCU, ARM, once said: “The bitterness of no coverage is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten.” Be careful and educated about the car insurance decisions you make.

Want to find out with more certainty if you are paying too much or too little? Contact one of our independent insurance advisors directly and let them review your policy. We can help you understand with more certainty what you’re paying for and why certain policies are more or less expensive than others.