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Nowadays, most people are purchasing their insurance protection from an experienced agent or they’re choosing to make the decisions on their own and purchase their coverage online. Regardless of your purchasing method, you might be wondering whether you need to include rental reimbursement coverage on your auto policy. Well like the answer to most insurance questions, “it depends.”

When you choose to carry physical damage coverage on your vehicle, rental reimbursement coverage is available to you. In fact, many policies include $20 per day for a rental car at no additional cost to you.

Let’s assume you were just involved in an accident in your brand new Corvette. Chances are you will need temporary transportation while your vehicle is in the repair shop. If you chose to include, or increase, rental reimbursement on your policy, you probably have a specified amount of coverage per day (maybe $30 or $40 per day) available to cover your rental car expenses.

Rental reimbursement gives you one less thing to worry about after being involved in an accident, which is usually a stressful situation anyway. Of course, it’s always your decision whether to add rental reimbursement to your policy. In some cases, you might have an extra car you can use or borrow and see no reason to have the added expense, however small.

If you’re uncertain whether you need this valuable coverage, give us a call and we can help you determine if it’s right for you.