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It‚’s amazing what some people will do in an effort to scam the system. Those of us in the insurance industry see quite a few crafty efforts from time to time, but one we commonly encounter is someone trying to purchase insurance coverage AFTER they‚’ve had an accident (note, this is considered insurance fraud).

Take this real-world story of a man that was out for a cruise on his motorcycle‚and did not have motorcycle insurance. Unfortunately he had an accident. Somehow, while lying on the pavement with a ruptured spleen, he had the presence of mind to call an insurance company in an effort to purchase coverage for his accident. Even more unfortunate for this uninsured driver was the fact that a witness at the scene of the accident heard him make the phone call.

Of course, coverage was not provided for this accident but it raises an important point in the insurance world: you can‚’t purchase coverage for a loss that‚’s already occurred. So if you find yourself in your car, your motorcycle your boat or even lounging around your house and you‚’re not absolutely certain that you have the insurance coverage you need, the time to address that situation is NOW!

Tomorrow may be too late. Don‚’t wait for something tragic to happen before you consider what type of insurance protection you have (or possibly don‚’t have).