How to protect your family
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Have you contacted anyone about your life insurance or long-term care insurance?

The purpose of these policies is to provide you and your family a safety net should you become incapacitated or worse, should you die.  It’s not pleasant to think about one’s mortality or incapacity, but it is a reality.

Refusing to confront, or procrastinating about, the need for long-term care insurance or life insurance isn’t all that unusual, but is a big mistake.  The consequences of either can be financially devastating.  It is natural to fear such events, but dealing later with these situations will be easier if the proper financial steps have been taken in advance.

Another cause for failing to act on this need is confusion. Most people find these financial insurance products hard to understand.  It can also be confusing to search through the numerous companies offering these products.  What are the best products?  Am I getting a fair price?  Is it a good company?  Once you sit down with us, you will find that understanding these products is easier than you think.

We understand people have certain hang-ups about dealing with these issues. What you DON’T have to do is deal with this on your own. We do the work for you, and will carefully explain these products in understandable terms.

It is up to you to embrace your denial and fear about an unplanned future by just picking up the phone and telling us your situation and letting us show you how we can help you make this a much less confusing process.