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Did you just move to Ohio and are looking for homeowners insurance? Or is your home uninsured and you are thinking of changing this?

Studies have shown that an estimated 70% of households are underinsured. Are you prepared to pay the costs that would occur if you had to rebuild your home? These are some of the questions that arise for homeowners looking for home insurance in Ohio.

“Younger households are more vulnerable than older households, but again do not adequately compensate. The degree of under-insurance exceeds 70 percent for 40-something secondary earners, with nearly half the group severely or significantly under-insured.”
– National Bureau of Economic Research

Some people assume that the homeowner insurance industry is equally competitive with similar rates in all states. However, this is not the case. Ohio has the ninth lowest insurance rates in the country! Why is this you may ask?

This is partially due to the fact that the weather is relatively mild year-round, with less earthquakes, tornadoes and floods than other areas. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average insurance premiums are only $763 annually in Ohio, compared to the national average of $1,096. The size of your house and the state it’s in will, of course, influence your rates. However, because Ohio is such a competitive insurance state, why not see how much it would cost you to get covered? It may surprise you how affordable it is.

There are many homeowners insurance companies in Ohio of all sizes and offering a variety of services. It can be challenging to know where to start when selecting the best insurance agency for you. Do you go directly to a home insurance company in Ohio like State Farm and others to get a quote? Or do you find an independent insurance agency to help you navigate all the various companies and available coverage?

This article will present some of the top reasons for choosing an independent Ohio homeowners insurance agency to help you get the best coverage possible for your home.

1. They offer diverse choices and take the time to explain them

independent ohio agent
An independent agent represents a wide variety of insurance companies and is able to compare coverage and prices for you across these different companies. Ohio home insurance agents spare you the time of filling out individual quote applications and submit your information to numerous companies at once to see what your best options are. They know the different companies out there in and out, and when they see your situation they can offer advice right away that would be hard to come by on your own. They are also able to provide you with individual advice that’s not influenced by the latest home insurance policy package that’s being promoted by a given insurance company.

2. Small means better service, attention, quality and value

The size of the Ohio home insurance agency is also important. If you pick an agency that’s too big, it’s easy to feel rushed and lost in the maze of agents and administers. In a small insurance agency, you’re given more personal attention and your unique situation is considered with the care it deserves. At a small Ohio insurance agency like CoverLink Insurance, clients are put first. The quality of attention you’re given is unmatched anywhere else.

3. High retention rates make a huge difference

In this day-and-age, building trust between clients and insurance providers has proven to be harder and harder. Carefully examine the retention rate of the Ohio home insurance agency you’re looking at. This tells you a lot about how satisfied their customers are and how much time the agency has put into building a lasting relationship of trust with them. At CoverLink Insurance we are exceedingly proud that 94% of our clients stay with us. We believe that people are more important than policies.

4. You get your own advocate

When you choose to enlist an independent home insurance agency in Ohio, you have an advocate on your team. They know the insurance business inside and out, and they’re there to be sure you are getting the attention you deserve at prices you can afford. If you need to change your coverage, or you have a billing or claim concern, your agent can work with the insurance company on your behalf and make sure everything goes smoothly.

5. They are local and accessible

map.pngWhen you need to call on your insurance agent, it’s essential that they be available to you. No matter the time of day, needing to access your insurance policy is often a symptom of being in a crisis of some kind. Small, independent home insurance agents are there for you in ways that advisors at large agencies just cannot be. CoverLink Insurance is accessible by phone, email, online, or face-to-face. There’s always someone there for you 24/7. Nothing can beat that!

Are you ready to meet with an independent homeowners insurance agent? We are here to unpack Ohio home insurance for you and provide all the support you need to get the best policy for you.