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Are You at Risk for Suffering a Coinsurance Penalty?

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The Costly Coinsurance Penalty

You May Not Know What Coinsurance is, But it Can Be a Huge Cost on Your Homeowners or Business Insurance Policy

For anyone that’s suffered through a claim situation where coinsurance was involved, it’s not a fun process. This guide is designed to help you avoid the destructive consequences of violating the coinsurance provision of your policy.

The Dirty Little Secret

Never heard of coinsurance with regard to your homeowners or business insurance policy? Not to worry, our guide will walk you through the process to help you better understand what’s often referred to as a dirty little secret in an insurance policy.

After reading, you will:

  • Know the devilish details of the coinsurance provision found in your insurance policy
  • Understand the common coinsurance requirements, and how to determine whether you’re in violation of the coinsurance clause
  • Be able to walk through a real-world claim scenario to calculate exactly how much you would receive in the event of a claim

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